Before and After


Come ready to relax and refresh.  While life has us rushing most of the time, come in with the intention of slowing down, restoring and nourishing yourself.

Wear loose fitting clothing or bring a change of clothes.  While we love skinny jeans as a fashion statement, they are an acupuncturist’s worse nightmare.  If needed, we can provide appropriate draping.

Please have eaten a little something within a few hours of your appointment.  It is best to not have acupuncture on a stomach that is too full or too empty. 

Limit your coffee and caffeine right before your session.  There is no reason you need to be “pepped up” to come to your acupuncture appointment.  You are here to rest and even sleep, so your body can heal.  

It is ok to come to acupuncture from your workout, bike, walk, yoga class, massage, chiropractic appointment, doctors appointment, dentist appointment, etc.  If your are concerned about whether your activity before your treatment is compatible with your acupuncture, contact us!


After your Acupuncture

Be gentle with yourself.  Positive signs you may experience include more restful sleep, improved energy, and feeling more relaxed. These are indicators our body is healing.

Drink water throughout the day.  This facilitates flushing out toxins your body might release during your session.

Your response will be different each time you receive acupuncture. Listen to what your body is saying on that day.  Sometimes acupuncture is very invigorating and other times rest is crucial. If you need to rest, then rest.  If you need to clean out your garage, clean out your garage… and Enjoy!

If you are going to schedule additional health appointments after your acupuncture treatment, ask your CQA provider if this is recommended.  This varies based on your health concerns and the type of appointment.

While working out vigorously is not recommended after your appointment, a gentle walk, stretching or yoga can be beneficial.  Take it easy.

Follow your providers individual recommendations