Community ACUPUNCTURE (CA) & services

Community Treatemtns are 30-40 minutes

CA New Patient $65
CA Returning Patient (within 3 months) $40-60 sliding scale                  CA Returning Patient (After 6 months) $65          Walk-ins $65 (Time Permitting Only)             

PLEASE NOTE: Sliding Scale benefits are there to help those who come regularly and need lower payment on a regular basis.                

Cupping $20
Electrical Stimulation $15
Pyonex needles $1/per needle

Herbal Consultation $20-55 (plus the cost of herbs)

Why use herbs?

HERBAL CONSULTATIONS are $20-$55, unless the order is for a refill or we have been working closely with you over a few or more sessions.    Herbs are just as effective if not more than acupuncture in many cases; THEY SUPPORT YOUR TREATMENT!  Herbs help to support your underlying condition by balancing the internal environment & energy that you feel moment by moment everyday. 
As an herbalist, we spend more hours studying Herbology in TCM school than any other topic. 1000’s of hours are spent immersed in school smelling, tasting & discovering what, where, how, why those herbs affect us (our energy, channels, organs, spirit, emotions & consequently systems) before we prescribe them in a harmonious package to you.  We have invested a lot of time in this area to help support those in need beyond the clinic.  Many hours are invested post-doc as constant research & refinement is necessary to keep up with the latest research & technology outside school.

Private treatments (PT)

Private Treatments (PT)

PT New Patient $125 (75 minutes)
PT Returning Patient $80 - $100 sliding scale (60 minutes)
PT Returning Patient with the following additional Services:

Cupping $20
Electrical Stimulation $15
Herbal Consultation $20

Why pay more?

The long awaited shift has finally come to fruition for us with our Private Rooms used specifically for Private Treatments. 


Private treatments are provided to those who need more time with their practitioner or those who want to be in a private space. The rooms are equipped with heating pads and IR Heat Lamps to help the body drop in & heal at deeper levels. 
Private treatments are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
We provide acupuncture in the private room with the amenities listed above.  2 sided treatments, Cupping, electrical stimulation, gusha or herbal consultation may be included as an additional fee.  Depending on your needs and the time spent with you, the Acupuncturist may decide what your final fees are, if you are not asked. New patient Fee = $125  Returning Patients Fee = $80-100 sliding scale - you decide the sliding scale