Community Acupuncture Etiquette 

CQA encourages a quiet, relaxed, casual but professional atmosphere.  We kindly ask that you respect the group treatment environment by adhering to the following Etiquette:

  • Keep voices low
  • Turn off your cell phone upon entering the treatment room and do not answer calls inside the treatment room
  • Wear your shoes throughout the treatment space
  • Roll up your sleeves and pants legs & remove your socks & shoes
  • Please remain clothed while receiving your treatment. We may need for you to change your clothing due to clothing restrictions.  We will let you know! 
  • You are welcome to bring earplugs, blankets, music or guided meditations to be used with headphones or other items that might facilitate your treatment
  • Face masks are available upon request
  • Refrain from wearing scented perfumes or body products